Westway Talent

Westway Talent


The live home of The Music Of Theatre, Westway Talent represents some of the leading musical theatre talent in the world and are responsible for our artists live music touring. Created in 2023, Westway Talent it is part of the Westway Music label www.westwaymusic.com

Westway Talent is run by Rhydian Roberts, who has more than 16 years’ experience in the music industry as a performer, TV presenter, agent, promoter and music manager and is now A&R Director of Westway Music. Westway Talent is a one stop shop catering for all our performer’s live music and brand development needs. We find the very best opportunities to maximise each artists’ potential alongside their individual musical theatre careers. We work closely with their respective theatre agents to ensure that every opportunity is explored on a global scale. We are the UK’s leading live agency for the very best talent in the West End & Broadway.

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