Artists - Blues Rock and Roots


Founded in 1969 by Teddy Osei, Osibisa is derived from “Osibisaaba” – a name given to types of music with styles like “palm-wine” and Fante Fishermen’s traditional music. In the early days, the band played at psychedelic venues around London, whilst trying to find financial support. Osei played the saxophone, flute and African drums. 

With an explosive on-stage vibrancy and charisma, the likes of which had never been experienced before outside of Ghana, Osibisa, became an instant success.  Audiences flocked to become part of the Osibisa live movement of utter elation! During these early days, Osei’s band of musical joy-makers, captured the attention of other musicians of the day.  The likes of The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder etc were mesmerised by the roof-lifting ability of Osibisa, and all sought advice and mentorship from Osei.  They enjoyed gleaning tips on how to ignite their own live performances with the dazzling energy created by Osibisa. By the mid ‘70s, Osibisa’s enigmatic momentum had bubbled to the surface of mainstream, and UK chart hits followed including ‘Dance The Body Music’ and the iconic ‘Sunshine Day’.  In June 1971, Osibisa, became the first black band to break the iconic, Marquee Club, during the 11th National Jazz, Blues and Pop Festival – poignant, as exactly 50 years on, the band become the debut signing to the new and official Marquee Records, under Right Track Universal.

Osibisa played on several international tours in the late 1970’s including India, Japan, Australia and several African countries. They would also go on to play during the Independence Celebration of Zimbabwe in 1980.

‘Osibisa criss-cross rhythms that explode with happiness’ – Nile Rodgers