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Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions

Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions bring you something unique in the world. Music with a message of universal love for believers and non-believers. “Music that feeds the heart and soothes the soul” are the words used by Michelle David to describe the music of Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions. It is Gospel lyrics wrapped in a blanket of Soul, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz and Afrobeat. 

Upon looking for the roots of their beloved musical genres (Rock & Roll and Soul), founding members Onno Smit and Paul Willemsen discovered the Gospel music as performed by Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Captivated by the pure energy of these songs, they decided to make their own group, together with Michelle David. 

In 2018 they released the third volume of their Gospel sessions that was released internationally and stirred quite something in France. The record is one of their most personal albums to date, as Michelle deemed 2017 to be the hardest year of her life. Michelle goes on to say, “in a short period I lost a few of my loved ones, the greatest being my Mother. More than ever music became a vessel, which I needed in order to move forward. It gave comfort and helped restore my strength”. 
You will certainly hear a message of recovery, hope, inspiration, power and of course love in the music of Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions. A message that has warmed the hearts and minds of everybody who has heard and seen the band play.

Throwing your hands up, shedding a tear, evoking deep thought and dancing isn't an option... It's a necessity. So "Buckle up cause it's gonna’ be another GOSPELIZED ride!!!”