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Artists - Adult Contemporary


In 1986 a young band from Scotland seemingly had the world at their feet. With a hit single (Honeythief) in both the U.K. and America, 500,000 albums ('gold' in UK) sold worldwide and successful tours of Europe and the States, their future path was surely one to glory.

Two years later they disbanded before their second album had even been released.

Cut to 2016 and to celebrate Cherry Red's 30th anniversary deluxe re-release of the HIPSWAY debut album, Skin and Pim decided to play a one-off show at Glasgow’s ABC theatre. This quickly sold out as did two further gigs - to date the band has now sold over 20,000 concert tickets in Scotland.

Which brings us to Saturday Night, lead track from the new album, SMOKE & DREAMS. The track employs a beautiful chord progression and lyrics that reference (some obvious, some less so) the bands and music that shaped the nascent Glasgow music scene of the early 80’s.

Musically, influences include the art-pop of Bowie and Radiohead to the earthy funk of the Meters and much more besides.