Artists - Adult Contemporary

Disco Classical

Already heralded to be one of the most memorable and uplifting live experiences of the year, this is the perfect party night show. Lovers of disco are in for a once-in-a-lifetime- experience when a collection of the world’s greatest tracks that are reimagined and reinvented with a full orchestra, band, DJ and star vocalists and can also include special guests Sister Sledge or the singers formerly of Chic.

Disco Classical brings together the most explosive collaboration of disco tracks, featuring live on stage four of our very own Disco Classical singers and a full legendary 35-piece orchestra who know how to push the boundaries in classical music. They will perform the most loved disco hits with a choir, band & renowned crowd-pleaser DJ Mark Armstrong from a live orchestral score arranged by Music Director and Conductor Tim Crooks. Captivating light displays mesmerise your guests with an array of glittering disco balls and strobe lights to send your guests into a transcending euphoria of toe tapping fun as they get Lost in Music.

“It’s a 5 Star from us! Congratulations Disco Classical what an awesome act and performance!” – Back Stage Access 

“What an unbelievable night we had, this must have been a great success for everyone involved and let's not forget the Sisters still have soul and disco is still very much alive.” – The Last Rolo