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    Uptown Ska Collective

    The USC is the brainchild of Specials’ bass player, Horace Panter. He has put together a 9-piece band to play his favourite music alongside like-minded ska and reggae practitioners.

    Together with award-winning keyboard player Nikolaj Torp Larsen, Trombonist ‘Doctor’ Tim Smart, Trumpet player Big Jon Read and saxophonist Drew Stansall (all of whom work with The Specials), drummer Dave Anderson (The South) and guitarist Stanley Samuels, Alto man Tony Looby and guest vocalist Joycelyn Harris (from Godfather of Ska Laurel Aitken’s great Leicester band, The Pressure Tenants), the ingredients are right for a phenomenally exciting trip through vintage Skatalites tunes, sexy rock-steady rhythms and righteous Rico Rodriguez classics. There’s even a couple of self-penned tunes in there but you’d be hard pressed to distinguish them.

    ‘I defy anyone to stay still while this music plays’ Horace says, ‘Those rhythms communicate to everyone. They always have and as far as I’m concerned, they always will’. To plagiarise the great Albert King, ‘If you don’t leave the show smilin’ you got a hole in your soul!’