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    The Manzarek Doors

    From an era of Woodstock, the summer of love and Vietnam, The Manzarek Doors faithfully recreate The Doors Recorded and Live back catalogue, their onstage persona, musicianship and performance captures the essence and nostalgia of the legendary  bands live shows, captivating audience’s and transporting them back in time. Morrison impersonator Bill Mcgruddy envokes the spirit and psyche of Jim delivering a potent and convincing performance everytime.

    Endorsed by the late Ray Manzarek, the show toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe from 1994 to 2005 playing to audiences of up to 6000 across Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, France, Holland, Sweden and Germany, with many TV and radio appearances, mainstream press and exclusive interviews from Paul Ross and Lorraine Kelly.

After ten years the Show has reformed with original vocalist Bill McGruddy and Original Keyboard player Joe McGruddy, welcoming new members Guitarist Ed Phillips and Drummer Tom Hargreaves.

    “The Spirit of Jim Morrison is alive and well and on stage with The Manzarek Doors”  Ray Manzarek  ( 1939-2013 )