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    Radio Riddler

    Radio Riddler is Brian Fast Leiser and Frank Benbini from Fun Lovin’ Criminals. They are lovers of Reggae/Dub music. They began their musical journey by remixing many artists in a unique Reggae/Dub style. Check out their remixes here –

    Radio Riddler’s first release, ‘Marvin Reggae’, was an EP of Reggae cover versions of 5 of Marvin Gaye’s most beloved songs. What made this EP special was they produced the music with acapella’s of Marvin’s voice. Their second release was a compilation of many of their favourite remixes entitled ‘Dubplates Volume 1’.

    Purple Reggae is their debut full length album and is 5 years in the making. Purple Reggae is a Reggae/Dub cover album of Prince’s Purple Rain soundtrack in its entirety. Guest vocalists on the songs include Suggs (Madness), Ali Campbell (UB40), Sinead O’Connor, Citizen Cope, Beverley Knight and Deborah Bonham (sister of legendary drummer John Bonham). The release is scheduled for last week of June, 2014 to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the release of Purple Rain.

    Frank explains how the album came to light…

    It was one of those things where we love reggae, and we have a reggae remix outfit called Radio Riddler. Weve remixed a lot of peopleLily Allen, Coldplayyou know, weve done a lot of remixes for a lot of people. So we thought, what can we do? He went Why dont we do the soundtrack to Purple Rain? I was like That wont work, that wont happen, it just wont work. He was like Well, lets give it a go, and he did the first one, Purple Rain, he got the beats ready and sent it to me, and I was like Fuck! It sounds great! Then I got a lot of my hometown players, brass sections, people from The Specials playing on there. I sang all the songs but then it was like Lets get some guest artists singing on it.

     Quotes from the recording sessions –

    Prince is the reason I started playing music. I grew up with Purple Rain, its the soundtrack to my life. This is a tribute to him and these great songs